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FurEver Companions Cat Rescue was founded by a couple of dedicated individuals who are the voice for the homeless and abandoned cats & kittens of our community. Our rescue is completely volunteer run and 100% of all donations go directly for the care of our animals; we are a 501c3 non-profit organization. We do not have a shelter, instead we place our cats & kittens with loving foster families who care for them and see to their needs as necessary. Because all of our cats are fostered in private homes, we feel that we can offer insights into their individual personalities and quirks 

Our dedicated volunteers share a tremendous love for cats and selfless commitment to their well being. They have many years of experience in the rescue community, including T-N-R services, fostering and adoptions with other rescue agencies. We represent a vast knowledge pool of animal health from bottle baby care to behavioral issues and training. Prior to adopting, we ensure that our cats & kittens are as healthy as we can make them. In many cases the care needed is extensive and expensive, but to date we have never denied any care deemed necessary by a veterinarian for anyone